Soul Renewal Class

As we go through life, we make many choices that affect our future. Our lives are also influenced by the choices and actions of others, which can have positive or negative effects on us. Jesus wants to heal us from circumstances that have created wounds in us and free us from agreements we have made that aren’t in alignment with His Kingdom. He is able and willing to free us from wrong mindsets, lies, and hurts. Will you let Him renew you?

Our curriculum is designed to reveal hurts we feel or have suppressed, lies that we've believed, wrong agreements we’ve made, and the applicable truth that can set us free. With the assistance of our team, we provide a safe environment for the process.

We invite you to join us as we learn and apply Biblical truths designed to help us walk in the complete freedom Jesus desires for each one of us.


“I would recommend it for anyone no matter where you think you’re at in life.”—Rusty