There is a need that many in the body of Christ don’t even realize they have. It was for freedom that Christ set us free! But what is freedom in Christ?

We have gone through our own journeys of learning who we are according to what the word of God says and found freedom from lies we’d believed about our identity. Jesus has brought freedom to us in many different ways including:
-freedom from addiction, poor self esteem, depression
-restoring broken marriage and enjoying healthy relationships
-healing the pain and taking away symptoms of trauma
-physical healing

The Renewal Project was created to educate, bring you into an encounter with Jesus, and free you from any wounds and bondage (oppression or enslavement) that you may have experienced.
Our Soul (mind, heart) can be burdened from all kinds of things that have happened to us, been spoken to us, we have done, or we have thought.

There are practical applications of Biblical truth that can guide us into a life of freedom that the Bible speaks of. We can allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in our lives daily and live the abundant life Jesus came to give us.
Jesus is the healer and desires to bring us into wholeness in our body, soul, and spirit. The Renewal Project focuses mainly on our soul through inner healing, truth revelations, and encounters with Jesus.

We currently offer:
-Soul Renewal Classes that include intensive teaching and group inner healing sessions.
-Breakthrough Sessions which are individual, married couples, or parent and child meetings with two Mentors for a more personalized approach to inner healing and freedom. These sessions focus on what the individual or married couple is needing to center on for personal healing, freedom, and growth.
-Speaking Engagements where topics can be customized to the event vision and as the Holy Spirit leads.